Our Vision

Melba’s Vision

A society that values the individuality and rights of all people.

Melba's Mission

Individuals with a disability leading everyday lives.
We achieve this through our commitment to:

  • Respecting and safeguarding the human rights of all people including their right to be safe, well and free from abuse and neglect;
  • Valuing and respecting the individuals who access our services;
  • Individuals developing the skills and/or networks to advocate for themselves;
  • Individuals developing and/or maintaining family relationships, friendships and intimate relationships;
  • Individuals identifying and pursuing a broad range of social, educational, vocational and recreational opportunities that bring meaning and value to their lives;
  • Individuals being recognised and accepted as valued and contributing members of their community;
  • Listening to and focusing on each individual and the choices they make;
  • Leading and managing staff (in ways that respect and enhance the skills and experience they have to offer) in assisting individuals to achieve the outcomes they desire in life;
  • Improving the quality of our services in line with ongoing feedback from the individuals who use our services and externally recognised benchmarks;
  • Working in partnership with local communities; and
  • The effective use of resources to maximise outcomes for the individuals who use our services.