Make a Bequest

For many people moving towards older age, thoughts of how our life might have influenced or helped others is common. Did I live a good life? Will my life leave its mark on the world in some meaningful way after I’ve gone?

If we have children, we hope that they will go on in our image when we die, so it’s natural that we would want to leave them some kind of parting gift to help them on their journey. But many of us also see other people in need, through no fault of their own, and want to help them as well.

Leaving a gift to Melba in your Will allows Melba to continue to provide lasting support to the people who need it.

If you would like to include Melba in your Will, below is some suggested wording for use:

"I give, devise and bequeath free of all duties and debts the sum of X (or property located at X) to Melba Support Services Inc ('Melba") for its general purposes. If at my death Melba has changed its name, has been the subject of a corporate restructure or has merged or amalgamated with another company, trust or corporation, this gift is to the successor organisation. I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer, Secretary, or proper officer for the time being of Melba (or its successor organisation) will be a full and sufficient discharge to my trustee(s)."

For more information, please contact Dave Glazebrook on 03 9212 0100

Bequest Brochure