Carer Respite

Sally Nicol - Coordinator Carer Respite

Phone: (03) 9212 0102

Melba's Carer Respite program is based on the fundamental principle that families generally best know their own needs.

For this reason, the program has been developed in a way so as to maximise the flexibility available to families of people with a disability and thereby assist them to stay together and to be welcomed, contributing members in their home communities. Individuals belong, and do best, with supportive families. All individuals should have the opportunity to live in a safe, permanent, stable and nurturing family relationship in a family home. Families, therefore, should have access to supports that are necessary, desirable and appropriate to prevent the unnecessary separation of the person with a disability from their family.

Whilst they may at times need additional support, families are generally experts regarding their strengths, competencies, capacities and needs of their family members. They are in the best position to know what will help them provide for their family member with a disability. The Carer Respite program is based on respect for families and recognition of their expertise, their diversity, unique characteristics and their cultural and spiritual values.

Individuals with a disability and their families can enrich the lives of others in many ways. Carer Respite promotes the development and growth of relationships and natural support networks within the context of community living. It encourages families in their efforts to promote the inclusion of their family member with a disability in education, recreation and all other aspects of community life.

People with a disability have personal preferences and needs to live, learn, grow and have relationships. They have abilities, competencies and dreams and should be supported and encouraged to pursue their personal desires. Carer Respite responds to family-identified needs and direct input from individuals with disabilities. It offers them the opportunity to exercise control and direction over the supports that are available to them.