Communication & Planning

Sarina Bunnett - Coordinator Outcomes Development

Phone: (03) 9212 0134

Malcolm and Sarina

Malcolm and Sarina

For each one of us the ability to express ourselves - to say what we want or need, to share a joke, to contribute an idea – is vital to our ability to live and function in the world. How and what we communicate really defines who we are! For many of the people that Melba supports, the issue of communication is a fundamental challenge of daily life.

Melba Support Services is dedicated to supporting people to take up every opportunity to participate in all aspects of their life.
The services we offer include:

  • Communication assessments and profiles; and
  • Subsequent suggestions and advice on necessary resources and tools available to assist people to interpret speech, body language, gesture, sign, actions and non-actions that express their thoughts, feelings and needs.

Melba supports people who wish to develop in individualised person-centred plan which displays a pathway of actions to achieve their goals, dreams and wishes for the future. Trained facilitators provide an objective and a comprehensive and clear process to assist people to capture their visions for the future and supports required in order to lead a fulfilling life.