Community Living Support Services

Penny Kendall - Manager Community Living Support Services
Phone: (03) 9212 0107

Melba has become synonymous with providing accommodation support to people with high support needs arising from an intellectual disability (often with associated complex medical needs). Generally acknowledged as having amongst the highest support needs in Victoria, the people we provide a service to have, over the years, come to us from all over the state as Melba is one of the few services with the experience and skills necessary to provide this level of support.

Melba currently provides accommodation for 43 adults across 8 services/ accommodation sites in the local area - Mt Evelyn, Lilydale, Mooroolbark. All of the group homes are purpose-built so that people can be as independent as possible within their home.
In line with Melba's philosophy, the supported accommodation service we deliver is based on the following values, beliefs and practices; that all people are created equal and that they have a fundamental right to be respected and valued for who they are, that all individuals will generally benefit most from support arrangements that are developed and implemented specifically with their own needs and inspirations in mind and irrespective of their level of disability; that their life will generally be most fulfilled when they:

  • have the opportunity to  determine their lifestyle choices for themselves;
  • are respected and valued for their individuality and what they contribute to those around them;
  • have the opportunity and, where necessary are supported to, participate in and share activities and relationships that connect them to the mainstream of the community in which they live; and
  • are able to perform socially  valued roles within the community

Our role is to work with people and their families, not simply to provide services for, or to, people. The quality of our services is measured by the people we support, in terms of the outcomes we have assisted them to achieve which bring meaning and value to their lives.

Melba Support Services acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.