Individualised Support Arrangements

Aaron Fry - Manager Individualised Support Arrangements

Phone: (03) 9212 0109

Melba‘s Individualised Support Arrangements (ISA) enables individuals with a disability (and, where necessary, with the support of their family, friends and advocates) to determine for themselves the lifestyle, activities and relationships they wish to pursue.

The support we provide is underpinned by our belief that all people should be connected to their community in some way, are assisted to develop roles which are valued by others, have opportunities to develop new skills or pursue their personal interests, have access to opportunities available to any other community member and have control over what their life looks like.

The very nature of our ISAs suggests that the specific structure and the implementation of each ISA will vary according to the needs and desires of the person being supported. The whole idea of an ISA is to identify what it is the person wants and needs in their life and then work with them to develop a range of supports to enable this to occur.

To achieve these things people typically require support in some form and in many cases (but not all) we utilise a person’s individual funding to provide one-to-one support staff who then work with the individual to achieve the things they have identified. 

Melba Support Services acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.